About Me

Hello there, random visiter to my blog!

I don’t know how you found your way here, but you’re very welcome to look around, discuss, and generally participate in the blog.

As for introductions, I’m Medha. I’m a 20-year old female from India, looking for an epiphany of sorts to happen. I am constantly trying to find myself and though I love asking questions, I never seem to get the answers I hope for. Perhaps I’m asking the wrong questions, who knows?

I’m a student of art and design, currently residing in Bangalore. I hold many interests like photography, writing etc. I love working on Illustrator, I love procrastinating and I love food.  I am a big-time TV-show watcher and I wish I could make more time for reading. I have been discovering many things about myself these days and realising I have opinions to share, if only to give myself more clarity about myself. So, that’s mainly why this blog changed from being a space for sharing my work to this.

I hope you have a good time poking around and hopefully you find something that interests you and is worth taking back with you. Otherwise, till next time!

Oh, and I am mostly a positive person so please don’t ruin my day by posting negative comments and spamming the site. If you don’t have something pleasant or constructive to say, then please shut up!



5 thoughts on “About Me

  1. Outstanding chum!
    You have a rocking talent,i appreciate you,i am also a young writer and i write for my nation and for my interest.Hope you get your way to my blog without any doubt and will be my friend,if you don’t mind 🙂


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