not mine

I saw an episode of Satyamev Jayate today, that talked about rape and its current state of affairs in our country. I was quite moved and it being something I feel strongly about, I decided to write this down:

You put a cloth in my mouth to silence my screams,
You tied my arms and legs to hold back my struggling.
You hit me again and again, to subdue the fire in me,
You clawed at me, mutilated me, humiliated me, to kill me.

But what about the screams inside…how will you silence those?
What about the struggles to break free that kept me alive?
What about the fire that burns my soul, that YOU ignited?
How will you kill me when I refuse to die down?

My voice reverberates in the silence that echoes around your violence.
My screams, my fight, my pain seeps through the bricks of your home.
My death keeps me alive.
My death keeps others alive.

I will not die, I refuse to die.
In the shouts of those enraged in the face of injustice, I live.
In the screams of others who managed to escape, I live.
In the struggles of those who decided to fight back, I live.

Every girl, every woman, every victim who has survived, kept me alive.
Every story that woke up this asleep society, kept me alive.
Every case that got resolved and found justice, kept me alive.
Every injustice that got blood boiling, kept me alive.

Who are you to kill me?
You couldn’t even break me.
In the hearts of every woman, and every man, I’m alive.
In the tears of every fierce soul, I’ve survived.

You are nobody to destroy me.
You, my rapist, killed nothing of mine.
All you took that day, was your own life, not mine.
It is your soul that died, not mine.

And that day, when you took me by force,
to satisfy your own devilish notion of power and lust,
it was your dignity you threw out the window,
not mine. Never mine.