shared loneliness

We’re never really alone, are we?

In moments when we’re trapped in the depths of loneliness, in moments when we’re frozen in the throes of this pain, in moments when we wonder whether we’ll ever get out of this, in all those moments, as alone as it may seem we are, there is never an I, always a we. Somewhere, across the world, someone you don’t know and will probably never meet is experiencing the same thing.

The circumstances may differ, but the emotions, the raw, chafing, knee-buckling emotions are never felt alone. Your pain as you pen down words is shared by the one reading it. Your grief as you belt tunes at the top of your voice, is felt by the one listening to it. Your anguish as you cry your heart out, is mirrored in the tears of another’s broken heart.

In this day of globalisation, the world truly has shrunk…but in a way sometimes more poignant than we realise. It’s not just communication, resources and economics that are being shared; it’s humanity at its core. With every step you take, every move you make, every wound you fret, there is someone out there who is feeling the same. And it isn’t just supposition, it’s knowledge that is shared everyday through the most bizarre and sometimes seemingly irrelevant things. From statuses and activities on social media that let you discover interests that are shared by others to blog posts and articles that articulate exactly what you feel but couldn’t quite put into words.

Today, the biggest inspiration anybody can draw from this network of human connection is the fact that no matter how separate you maybe physically, there is always going to be somebody in the same emotional bucket as you.

And in that knowledge lays perhaps the most soothing balm…we’re not alone. We’re never alone.