“social” life

Facebook. Twitter. Whatsapp. Gmail. Skype. SMS.
So many ways to stay connected.

Such little connection.

Among the innumerable pings of the various social circles of someone’s virtual presence, something is slowly getting silenced: the call for intimacy.

No matter how fast your typing speed, it cannot replace the rush felt when you meet someone after a spell and the excitement that manifests in your tripping over each other’s sentences, eager to share so much.

No matter how many times you converse with someone through the various social media platforms in a day, it’s nowhere close to the feeling of being an equal participant in a face-to-face conversation, unfiltered, raw, true.

No matter how many times you type, retype and reconsider before sending out that message, it cannot replace the genuineness of a hand-written letter whose each word is written with care and whose very delivery and reception take effort and thought.

Maybe it’s a generation thing. Maybe we, the kids of the 90s, crave the world that was, before we were mature enough to fully appreciate it. Maybe the nostalgia we feel is nothing but an extension of feeling stuck between the vintage and modern phases of technology.

Or maybe, we crave that feeling of intimacy because we knew it once and yet, immersed ourselves in this wave of emoticons, abbreviations and silences.

Whatever happened to stretching out a relationship over seasons? Whatever happened to every meeting, every hangout, no matter how short, being so magical that you couldn’t wait for the next one?
Whatever happened to waiting for the next day to meet you friends in your school so you could chat about the previous evening?
Now, everyone is updated and yet, how much of that is just information retention and how much is actual caring for what you have to say?
Where did all this sense of personal relationships go?
We depend so much on external media that actual human contact is becoming foreign. And with that, talking to someone face-to-face is fast becoming a nightmare rather than something to look forward to.

I have 400+ friends on Facebook, around 20+ followers on twitter, some 35 blog followers and countless Whatsapp contacts.

Yet, when it comes down to it, in terms of actual human interaction, a handful of people are all I really need.