rebirth: a look at the year that was

A year back, I realised that I hadn’t been using my blog much. The purpose of using it for sharing work became redundant once I setup my online portfolio and quite frankly, the will to sit and write down my thoughts on a regular basis, sometimes just for the sake of uploading a blog entry, got lost.

But, I didn’t want to let go. I’d put so much into setting up the blog and perhaps a part of me was trying to recreate the excitement I’d felt when I first made it. An excitement that no other part of my life was giving me at the time. So, for lack of a less cliche term, I gave my blog a “makeover”!

The theme changed, the colours and the layout changed and most importantly, the content changed. No longer was it a place for erratic uploading of work, but a space for me to write. I started out with articles, trying to force an opinion out of myself on random topics, even if sometimes the writing didn’t make sense. Then, I moved on to writing more personal things, trying to connect my low phases with those of humanity as a whole and struggling to make sense of life. Of late, I’ve started to upload the fictional writings and poems as and when I pen them down.

Honestly, it’s been an exhilarating experience. This is a wonderful space to connect with a world outside of your acquaintances and friends. Sometimes, sharing something immensely personal with a stranger, under the guise of internet anonymity is much easier than admitting it to yourself even. And, the sense of relief that you get from putting it out there without expecting any kind of condolences, advice or sympathy is the best kind of release there is. It’s like going to a cliff top and screaming your heart out, fully aware that not a soul can hear you.

And a year later, you can look back at who you were back then and revel in the realisation that at least some of the fog has lifted, that you’re in a better place now and that you’ve come a long way. Even monumental things that seemed like they would never get over are nothing but distant memories now.

And just for that, I’m glad I decided to keep the blog up and running, and made it more regular than what it was before. It’s been a wonderful companion and the most amazing listener I’ve ever come across.

So, here’s to it having been an exact year to the blog makeover…cheers!