after dinner

She pulled back her sleeve to check the time. Before she could register that it was 11.00, raindrops spattered all over her arm, covering the face of the watch.
She looked up, “It’s quite late, I should probably go”, she said to him.
“Yeah, sure”, he replied, getting up to walk out with her.
“I had fun, thanks for dinner. The balcony idea was great!”
“It was my pleasure.”
She pulled up her bag strap and put her hand on the doorknob. She remembered leaving her keys in the kitchen and turned to get them.

He was right there, barely two inches from her. She stepped back and felt the rigidity of the door on her back. She looked at him, taking him in. His face, glistening with the raindrops from before; his stubble, freckling his cheeks; his hair, dripping as they fell into his eyes; those eyes, slowly moving from hers to her lips, filled with something she couldn’t quite describe and yet was finding herself attracted to more and more by the second. She could smell his perfume and just a whiff of the drinks they’d had.

He looked up, eyes finding hers. He placed his hand on her waist, using the other to move her hair an imperceptible amount away from her eyes. He leaned in, taking his own sweet time to cover the distance between them. He brushed her lips with his; caressing her cheeks to the achingly slow rhythm he set up with his kiss. She realized her hands were around his neck, though she didn’t recall putting them there. She opened her mouth just enough to let out a small moan, only to be cut midway by the tip of his tongue, urging her to respond in kind. She pressed closer into him, blank to everything but him, his lips, his face, his hands and his body. Just him. She didn’t know if it was her intoxication that was making her slow or the fact that she couldn’t believe this was happening. Either way, she decided to go with the languidness of his pace. That was before he decided otherwise.