the moment, lost and found.

Rejoicing like monkeys on seeing the substitute teacher, finishing lunch boxes in the first period, in the secrecy of the desk drawer, passing notes, usually about the latest crushes. Mischievous, innocent, nostalgic. Sometimes I really miss School days.

Sometimes, when reality knocks down the front door. Sometimes, when the future doesn’t seem so distant and uncertainty shadows over me, getting starker even though the light shines brighter. Sometimes, when problems pile up like leaves in autumn. Sometimes, when it is impossible to dance in the rain, even though that’s all I want to do. Sometimes, when life is too hard and dying is not an option. Sometimes, when the only joy is the memory of days of carefree wonder, where my only worry was homework. Those times, I wish I was 10 again.

I miss those days that were spent roaming around the School corridors, gossiping with my large group of giggling girls. I miss those Friday mornings, when we were supposed to be learning carpentry and all we actually did was sneak into the canteen and eat the hot samosas. I miss wearing skirts in the chilly winters and cribbing about the cold weather, while basking in the sun. I miss sitting in class and constantly looking out to the grounds. I miss those ‘weird’ teachers who loved making class so boring and who we loved making fun of. I miss the anticipation of Chemistry Lab and the boring experiments we ended up doing. I miss the copying of homework and the feverish atmosphere right before the cane-wielding professor’s class. And most of all, I miss the friendships. The friends made bonding over the dislike of a teacher or the crush on a movie star or simply over the sharing of lunch boxes.

Really, there’s so much to miss and yet, all we did those days was complain about graduating and when we would get to go to college. Then, all our seniors and parents would tell us how much they envy us and our ‘childhood phase’ while all we ever thought of was how much we envy their ‘jobs’ and independent houses and ‘college life’. We never do appreciate things till it’s too late, do we? We’re so brainwashed into believing that a better day is yet to come, we forget to stop. Just stop and take a breath. Take a moment and feel the beauty in that moment. Be it a child, a teenager or an adult. A student, a teacher, a parent. We’re all living in the moment. The not-so-perfect moment that we’re cribbing about. And in that moment lies a beauty that more often than not, we stop to appreciate 10 years down the line by blogging about it!

Appreciate that moment, feel that beauty and blog about it TODAY. It’s that simple.