Last night I had a dream. There was a man there, the colour red and a building. It’s not much, I know but it’s a miracle I even remember so much. Usually most of my dreams are a mirage of images, each of which gets more and more like water disturbed by ripples, till they become another drop in the sea of my memories. They lay there, dormant, forgotten, unimportant, until that one random moment in a random day that some random word or sound randomly triggers off a random part of the sequence of dream images, letting it float to the surface, letting it be sharp enough to feel vaguely familiar and obscure enough to make me lose it the minute I acknowledge it’s presence. It’s strange how our minds act no?

I know, I know, there is a way to handle this confusion. Keep a dream diary. But let’s face it, between my late nights and the huge workload I have, it is a miracle I manage to even get out of bed, despite repeatedly snoozing my alarm every single morning. The last thing on my mind then is writing about some dream I had in a book when I can barely keep my eyes long enough to walk straight for the five paces to my bathroom. And by the time I’m awake enough to take in something besides my drowsiness, the dream has long vanished, flown away into some dark crevice of my mind, ready to build itself a nest there and remain invisible till some random point in time when a random word or sound triggers a random…well, you know how it goes!

There’s a lot more to dreams than just that though. Obviously, the more one writes in the dream diary, the more one begins to retain. And apparently that means that one is strengthening one’s relationship with one’s subconscious mind, to the point that solutions to all kinds of important problems can be easily accessed from the vast bank of wisdom and insight that is our subconscious.

Then of course, there is the theory that believes that certain images seen in dreams are universally symbolic of things like fulfilment, change, success etc. For example, (and please correct me if I’m wrong) if one sees say an accident in a dream it symbolises death, probably not literally though, although you can’t rule it out completely considering the number of weird, random death-causing things happening these days. What the accident could symbolise is say the death of a relationship or some such thing. In a sense, the end of something in order for something else, something new, a metaphoric birth to take place.

I actually believe in this stuff, crazy as it sounds because I believe in the power of the mind and what all your subconscious can do if you empower it enough. And though I’m not religious, I believe prayer works because of this very reason; that if you chant, concentrate deeply, you get into your subconscious mind and whatever you say/visualise there has a much higher chance of coming true. But it works hand in hand with faith too. Say I pray for something I really want, but somewhere I believe it is unattainable, well then it’s never going  to happen. Maybe that’s the reason why people who pray to God in their bad times and feel guilty for not doing so in their good times, may not always have their prayers answered.

At any rate, I think the mind, the subconscious state and dreams are an interesting subject to delve into. I’ve probably barely scratched the surface of the phenomena though and I hope you are intrigued enough to say something about it or share your own experiences and beliefs regarding it!