food moods

Why does food affect our moods so much? Why is it that having delicious, filling, healthy food makes us so happy and satisfied in our lives, as opposed to bland, unappetising, fatty food? Why don’t clothes affect us as much or even appearances?

Having a bad hair day will not depress us the way having bad food will. Why? Wearing ill-fitting, unflattering clothes may affect one’s self-esteem but not one’s mood, at least not as much as a bad meal will.

What is it about food that makes it so sentiment-driven? I’ve always wondered. Eating seems to have become more of an emotional activity rather than a hunger-driven one. Take me for example, if I’m in a bad, sad mood and am forced to eat food like the kind made in my PG for too many days at end, my mood reaches an all-time low. Take me out for a good dessert even, and voila, I’m so relaxed and happy! Just last night, I went out with some friends to the local ice-cream parlour and it was the best chocolate ice cream of my life! Of course, the pleasures were heightened also because it came after so many days of eating bad food. So much so that even a sad dinner couldn’t burst my bubble. Neither could a horrendous breakfast today!

So, what is it about food then? Is it the fact that a meal is more of a social ritual than a simple fulfilment of hunger pangs? Is it because good food connotes a satisfied, even caring environment? Is it because a full stomach means the entire body is working well, thus granting one all round happiness? Or is it simply because the best meals are often the ones you partake with friends or family and good company makes for good memories? What is it? I don’t know the exact psychoanalysis of it, but I will always wonder and never cease to ask, what exactly makes food so sentimental, so emotive, so passionate, so well, spiritual?