long time, no see?

So, just the other day, I was talking to someone about blogging and I realised, I hadn’t thought of mine in so long!

I know, setting up a website as a portfolio of my work sort of made this a redundant thing, but considering how much I’d put into this and I how excited I was when I started it, I just didn’t want to let go! So, after lots of deliberation and arguments in my head, I decided to revamp it into something a lot more personal than work; the inside of my head! Well, not completely, but bits and parts of it for sure. Those bits and parts willing to be revealed in any case. Besides, it’s fun to let off steam, share opinions or just talk about your day on a platform where it doesn’t become meaningless in a shower of random “likes”.

So, that’s also why I chose the theme I did. What could be more fun and carefree than a balloon? And I loved the graphics and the colours! The teal blue, which is a default colour, is among my favourites and the yellow, which I chose, reminds me of sunshine and bananas and happiness in general, something I’d like my blog to be!

Going to post soon!