“a twisted fate”

This poem happened in two parts. I started it off, left it halfway and then came back to it months later. I think how it ended sort of changed because of that, but I quite like the adaptations that happened simply because I left it halfway!


Tripping again & again on his own mistakes,

Failing to distinguish reality from the fakes,

He was trapped in his self-made cage!


A loner, if ever there was one,

His misery was disguised by his fun,

& from happiness, he was always on the run.


Seated by himself, his mood black as tar,

he found love in the empty jar.

He was the loneliest at that bar!


His life was a labyrinth of hell-holes,

With him tied & forced, like a flag at the end of a pole.

He felt aimless, a footballer without a goal!


He was the broken mirror that no one could mend.

And so one night, he walked to the end,

seeking the journey’s closure, not another bend!


He’d forgotten himself, didn’t remember his name was Ted,

but just as he thought all was dead

He heard a voice, “Stop!” it said.


A shadow stepped into the light,

like dull monotony into a world bright!

It pulled him closer, holding him tight.


He looked down, looking into its eyes,

‘It’ was a girl, so he came to realize.

Momentarily taken aback, he gave out a loud cry!


“Don’t!” said the girl, fearfully drawing him close,

“They’ll find me, those criminals in plain clothes…

They’ll kill me…you couldn’t protect me, I suppose?”


“Who’s ‘they’ and why will they kill you?”

“Because I saw them when that guy they slew!

And to protect themselves, they’ll kill me too.”


“That’s unfair! You were only being right,

They needn’t get so worked up, so uptight!

Come on; let’s get you away into the night.”


And so they ran, ran to their deaths,

For waiting for them was a man called Neth,

Whose knife was his Cocaine, and murder his Meth.


The ground was covered in blood, brighter than dye,

they were dead, before they could even say ‘Bye’,

likewise the thought on his lips, “She has beautiful eyes…”