project 52…oh, yeah!

My interest in photography took  a sudden spike this week, which after a crazy photoshoot today, culminated in my undertaking a personal project for the year!

So, after giving a lot of thought to this in terms of the kind of time I usually have at hand, and also being hugely tempted by the relative success of the ‘Project 365’, I decided to undertake a mini-photography project of sorts. Thus, ‘Project 52’ was born! It’s quite an easy concept actually, wherein, instead of taking a photo everyday (like you would in ‘Project 365’), you take one every week, for a year. Of course, you can have themes etc, per week to increase the challenge. (In my case, I intend to post atleast one picture per month that uses a new technique for me, like HDR.)

I feel rather pumped about this and I hope that my passion for photography multiplies enough for me to be able to undertake ‘Project 365’ next year.

But there’s still 52 photos to go for that!



You can follow the Project here:

or here: