procrastination galore

I finally managed to update after a long, unproductive, procrastination-filled period!

Honestly, when I’d last updated, it had been after having had some rather hectic, sleep-depriving courses. That excuse for not posting on time was still legit! But this time the only excuse I had was sheer laziness in all spheres of my life!

But of late, my life has been improving and I have actually been shedding the laziness from me, bit-by-bit! So, cheers to that!

I have recently started reading again as well, and on falling terribly ill during a recent course, I read all the Harry Potters back-to-back in a week! It felt like quite an accomplishment, to be honest! 🙂

But apart from that I’ve just been watching lots of TV and wasting a huge amount of time on the net by following random links and subsequently losing all sense of time!

And I’ve been catching up on sleep until my courses start taking their usual hectic route!

And what about you? What have you been upto?