“a bittersweet memory”

This poem is actually part fiction, part real life and I wrote it one day when I was feeling particularly low. But, like all my other writings, it ceased to be personal once I’d finished writing it. Hope you like it!


She was too small then,

to be able to remember much now,

but the pictures said it all…

The hugs, the smiles, the den,

they were happy together, and how!

He was a proud owner, and she the beautiful doll…

They stood hand-in-hand,

grinning sheepishly into the camera,

like discoverers of an unknown land.


She barely reached up to his knee,

but she spoke admonishingly as if his mom,

grinning up at him with glee.


Or so she naively thought…

But all those years later,

A bitter truth she’d been taught.


For she was older now,

a better judge of people,

with a chain of experiences in tow.


And so she could see him

for the monster he really was,

despised by every Tom, Tam and Tim.


But she couldn’t really escape,

not without her, her mother.

It was a nightmare she just couldn’t escape.


So she just sat there in silence,

a silence of rage, of hollowness,

a silence so deafening, it was worse than violence.


And she sat alone, defenseless

she had neither energy, nor hope.

She became afraid of her own guilelessness.


And then it happened one day,

they were finally free!

Yet, all she could do was cry…

and in a puddle of her own tears, she lay.

Daddy’s Little Girl, was all she wanted to be,

was it so hard for him to try?


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