a very brief reconciliation

I know it’s been long. Hell, it’s been so long even my blog seems to be in hate with me…and I wish I could make promises. But, promises are hard to keep and breaking them is much worse then making them in the first place!

But the one thing I’ve come to realize, more so with the help of this blog, is that even if I wanted to, I cannot leave things undone, half-finished or falling even slightly short of what I expect of them. Especially if it’s something I care about.I need time to keep the blog updated. Something I seem to be getting hardly very much of. That doesn’t mean that I don’t get even 10-15  minutes, a day where I can put up stuff. But if I did that, my posts would be rushed and would look half-heartedly done. I need a good 3 hours where I do nothing but edit pictures, put them on the blog, edit the post, review each picture and each word on the blog itself to make sure that it doesn’t have an error. And by the end of it, I would have posted some 4-5 posts. That is how I work and even if I try, I cannot bring myself to change that.

Unfortunately for me and for you, 3 straight hours of free time is something I do not have. I have been so busy these past months that I haven’t even had time to sleep, breathe or do basically anything remotely normal. And it’ll probably be like that for a long time.

However, bit-by-bit, I created a new blog. One which is easier to maintain because all it has are my writings.

I would love it if you could stop by it, just for a few minutes, go through it and leave some of your thoughts behind.

It can be found here: http://gmedha.blogspot.com/

Hopefully, that shall keep us connected till I find some time…so, see you there, and here too! By the way, a huge thank you to all the people who have been visiting the blog despite there not being any new posts. You have kept me going! 🙂

I hope to be back soon, and if all goes well, then really soon. See you till then.