This first two lines of this poem just randomly formed in my head, one day and as it evolved, I began to envisage a rather unusual “love” story. It’s my first love poem and if I may say so myself, I love it! It’s even got a happier ending than most of my poems, don’t you think?


Like the wind in her eyes,

I flew into the sunrise.

The river shone from her lashes

& burnt my soul to ashes

She wanted to be freer than free,

The memory kept haunting me.

She said millions of words without speaking,

I could feel my resolve weakening.


The golden light burnt with her radiance.

She, whom I’d met in The Séance

She flew like a bird,

into the room, into my heart,

By a riot of colours, I was hit.

She dipped her heart into it!

She made love to my soul,

She made my complete world, whole.

She whispered promises in the moonlight,

She made me forget all that was “right”.


Life sprayed into her eyes, her face,

like flowers into a water-filled vase.

She was day, she was night,

she was the eyes to my sight.

A blessing meant just for me,

she became my reason to see.

 Like the storm before the calm,

she awoke earthy passions in my heart’s farm.

She was truly my only reason to live,

& my one reason to die…to give!


For once, the heart triumphed over the body,

making my past life seem so shoddy!

She was me, she was mine,

She was the acceptance to my whine.

She caressed, she cuddled, she aroused,

She became the gentleman whenever I loused.

Thus, when she flew away into the sun,

 I somehow knew we weren’t quite done.


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