“school life”

This poem was very random and impromptu…I wrote it in response to someone’s Facebook status (about missing certain School friends) and I kind of liked it, so I’m putting it up, here…hope you like it, too!

School Life…

When in school, all we did was crib and complain, you and I,
dying to start a new life, college life…wanting only to say ‘bye’.

 And now a year has flown by…we’re in college, settling into a world unsure,
we miss school, we miss classes, we miss the time that was so pure…
soon we shall flourish, settle down and eventually perish,
but the time we spent in school, is time we shall always cherish!


2 thoughts on ““school life”

  1. I am such a short term memory lost case cant even remember most of it but you remind me of something that the memories we have left behind some of them were subjected to be a part that lives forever ,in your good times in your bad times even after damn 30/20 years a glimpse of that memory can bring up the lost smile of your’s a glimpse of that memory can roll you out in tears .
    It just depends which part your subjected too..
    Thumbs up

    • Thanks…what you said is really, really true. A lot of times, especially when I’m having a crisis or something, I just feel like going back to those carefree days where our biggest crisis ever was probably missing the lunch break! And then there are times where you miss those awesome friends, teachers, classes like crazy…such beautiful days…

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