“look, see, hear, say, feel”

The following poem is my first attempt at humorous writing, courtesy a Poetry Writing Competition…I must say, I failed miserably in this one!


Look around you, look careful

Look cautiously, there’s a bull!

Look out! Its growing bigger & bigger

Oops! It’s only my car going nearer!

Look, look it’s not even real!


Don’t you see, it’s just a cutout?

I see! Of imagination I’ve got a bout!

Now you see it, now you don’t!

But I can see it always, only you won’t.

You see, you eat too much veal!


I can’t hear better than you,

So, hear my distresses, I’ll hear yours too!

Hear, hear the newspapers shout,

Hear them give none the benefit of doubt!

Sorry, can’t hear those who don’t feel!


You’re not saying that I can’t feel, are you?

Are you’re saying I’m heartless? Well, boo!

That is an unfounded accusation, I say!

Say all you will, you can’t have it all your way.

Just saying though, you’re a squeal!


I feel sad at your accusations.

Yeah? Well, I feel horrified by your aberrations!

Fine, do me favour…stop trying to feel.

Ugh! With all these feelings, I just can’t deal.

Our feelings say that, together we can no longer steal!


2 thoughts on ““look, see, hear, say, feel”

  1. thanks for reminding me to visit this land of ‘felt’ words and emoted punctuations. i don’t know whether i liked this poem or not, but it made me smile and i certainly want to re-read to make sure i like it…like i’ve always said i love reading you but a little reminder like this one will always be better 🙂

    • Thanks! You know your comments always give me huge encouragements…I myself am not really sure whether I like this poem or not so your reaction is not surprising! 🙂

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