of bubbles and hybrids

I’m not and haven’t ever been much of a 3D person…hence, I’ve somehow always stuck to doing 2D pieces of art etc. Which is why the following were some of the toughest assignments I’ve had to do, till date…

The above wire-mesh sculpture depicts a person blowing bubbles.

The following are part of an assignment to create a functional animal-object hybrid…


This is a soap-dish shaped like a mouse, to bring out the irony that mice are considered to be highly unhygienic creatures despite possessing a nature quite contrary to the aforementioned assumption. Since soaps are the epitome of hygiene, hence this hybrid.

I was not very satisfied with the mouse-dish hybrid, hence I came up with the one below: A hybrid between a snake and a stapler, where the staples act like the fangs of the snake: “The Snapler”

"Snapler" (Sculpture)


Below is the drawing of the above hybrid sculpture.