music album design

The following is the result of a week-long project, i.e. the conception, design, production and creation of an entire CD Album, that was a part of my course at Srishti.

The above is the prototype that I made for the design.

I wanted to create an album of peppy and/or lyrically motivating songs…songs that I believed could lift up the mood of anyone who’s “down with the blues”.

Also, since a depressed person tends to sleep a lot, hence even the album design resembles a bunk bed. Since, the album design does not promote manufacturing at a very commercial level, hence the album would be limited edition. The album is called, ‘Away Go The Blues’…

The front (above) and the back (below) of the album, when it’s closed.

 The actual CD (above) and the top view (below) of the album, when it’s open.

Below, you can see the front view of the open album…resembles a bunk bed doesn’t it?

Below are the 4 information cards that are arranged on either side, i.e. above and below (see picture above) the CD, in the cover. These provide the consumer with some basic information about each of the songs in the CD, which can be carried around, without carrying the entire CD cover. Well, so what do you think about the design? Feel free to leave your feedback below…