“the request.”

This poem’s first few lines just popped into my head one day. Feeling that it was getting too cheery for my style of writing, I gave it the ending it has now.


A spark of love pierced my heart, a clap of laughter struck me.

A blast of joy took my breath away, I jumped around like a mad tree.

I rolled around in a basket of joy, I ran round & round a sphere of life.

It seemed like I could, would never forget those words…“Will you be my wife?”


They told me that we were too different, belonged to different strata of society.

I told them, “What the hell, I could do with some variety!”

They warned me about cheating husbands & forced abortions,

But the sheer weight of my happiness crushed all caution.


I was apprehensive, yes, but his surety dissolved my doubts,

He was willing to sacrifice all for me and of that I was immensely proud!

It was reality, my reality, but it felt like a fairy tale instead,

Happy as could be, we lay in an impatient wait of the glorious future up ahead.


Finally, the eve of the D-Day arrived! So excited, I could barely sleep!

We spoke that night…thinking back to that conversation, I can only weep…

I was waiting for him that day, dressed in red, adorned with jewels, henna & lots of maternal love…

But, he never came…his phone was unreachable & his whereabouts untraceable, like a bat in a deep cove!


I was shattered, my heart broken and my mind numb with disbelief & shock.

I barely held onto my sanity, and you can’t blame for that, can you, Doc?

I thought that was the worst that could happen, but destiny had some other tricks up her sleeve…

For, a year later, I received a visitor, a familiar stranger who gave me news I couldn’t believe!


My life had just started moving towards normalcy when that stranger arrived.

He told me that he’d died a year ago, on the day I’d assumed that he’d deserted me…it was then that I finally cried…

I couldn’t bear it…I was tearing up from inside, so I drove that knife through my heart…

I’m beyond any help now, Doc, so please finish me off…kill me, kill me with anything, a syringe or even a dart…