“the last storm…”

I wrote this in the 7th Grade as part of an ‘English’ Assignment, lost it, remembered it and thus, rewrote it in the 10th Grade. It’s probably one of the few horror stories I’ve attempted and actually succeeded in…so, here goes!


“See you in school tomorrow!” I said to my friend, “by the way, it was an awesome party, thanks for calling!”

“That’s quite okay!” said my friend, “thanks for coming………….ummm, are you sure you’ll manage by yourself, I mean your house isn’t exactly near, and it looks like it’s going to rain cats & dogs!”

“Yeah, I’ll manage, don’t worry……….so, see ya then, bye”


And off I went.


I hadn’t gone far when there was a sudden flash of lightning, a great clap of thunder & a huge downpour of rain.

I was soaked from head to toe within seconds. My clothes clung uncomfortably to me and my hair hung limp on my head.

I shivered in the cold winds.

Home was quite far. I knew that I’d never be able to get there in time & would end up catching flu.

Just then there was another bolt of lightning & I saw in its light, a little shed nearby.

Hurrying towards it, I ran with difficulty against the cold winds & rain.

I got inside, gasping for breath. It was too dark to see anything. I could just make out a small window. Walking towards the other end of the shed, I realized that it was a kind of store, full of boxes & crates.

Suddenly, I tripped over a box & screamed as an eerie green glow filled the shed, dazzling my eyes.

And then, all was quiet, all was silent. Only the raindrops pattered ceaselessly on the roof.

However I’d noticed a weird black object lying near a sort of fireplace, in the light of the green glow.

Curiosity got the better of me & I decided to find out what it was, if only to kill time.

I walked over to the fireplace, sat down & picked up the black object. It had a smooth velvet cover.

Just then lightning flashed & I saw that it was a diary.

On opening it, I discovered that it had weird pictures stuck abstractedly. It was, however, too dark to discern anything more.

Suddenly, there came a loud “whoooosh” from the diary & I was sucked inside it!



I’d landed in a lone countryside where bare, lifeless fields stretched for miles & miles disturbed only by a distant whitish speck.

I ran towards it & it grew larger & larger. About a foot before it, I stopped, gasping for breath.

The “speck” was actually the back of an old bald woman wearing white robes.

“Excuse me, do you know how I can get back to……AAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHH!”

Two red, thirsty eyes, a twisted mouth & a partially blood-covered face were all I saw before she started cackling with mad laughter, her face twisting grotesquely.

I gasped again as I noticed her bloody, tattered clothes, a blood-covered knife in one hand & a human head held by the hair in another. Clean, white skeletons surrounded her.

She stopped laughing, looked me over, licked her lips & stood up.

I screamed as I started running away from her. She followed, eyes thirsty for blood…..my blood, & knife poised for another kill.

While running, I was constantly looking behind myself & so, stumbled over a black object that I saw too late.

The evil vampiress was closer than ever.

I pulled out the object, it was the diary……I could hear her breathing, now.

Frantically, I opened the diary, & just as she threw her knife at me, was once again sucked into its pages.



I landed greatfully in the shed.

I could still hear the pitter-patter of the raindrops on the roof of the shed & knew that I’d probably be terribly ill by the time I reached home.

But, the prospect of spending the night in a shed which had just taken me to my deathbed scared me.

So, I stepped towards the shed door, shivering as I anticipated the cold outside & thinking longingly of my warm bed……


I opened the door & screamed!

For standing in the doorway, her eyes flashing dangerously & her knife raised over her head, ready to strike, was the murderous old woman!!