“the galaxy gals”

This was a radio show that I did with 4 of my peers back in 9th Grade. We all brainstormed & came up with some ideas, which I penned down in a formal script form…


Michiko (Mi)- Hey planets, I’m Michiko.

Shefali (Sh)- And I’m Shefali.

Medha (M)- Hi, I’m Medha.

Bhavya (B)- Hello, I’m Bhavya.

Sakshi (S)- Hey-hey don’t forget me, this is Sakshi.

Chorus (C)- And we are the Galaxy Gals!!!!!

M- ‘coz we are the suns of our respective solar systems

Sh- So don’t miss us.

Mi- ‘coz we are the hottest things around.

B- Bringing to you everything live from space.

S- Only on Radio Universal.

M- Today’s special is…

Sh- Space news by Shefali.

Mi- An exclusive interview of Mr. Moon & Mr. Halley’s comet.

B- Fashion Police to keep a check on space fashion.

S- A live insight into Planet’s Orbit Dinner.

M- And of course, lots of fun…& songs…only on…

C- The Galaxy Gals!!!!!


Sh- Presenting the News Headlines, read to you by Shefali…

  • Halley’s Comet visits Sun after 76 years. His tail is longer than ever. He has currently stopped for drinks.
  • Ms. Saturn has lost all her moons & is searching frantically for them. She has promised a reward of 2 of her rings to the finder.
  • Mr. Sun comments on Mr. Moon’s dark circles & suggests that he should use fair ’n’ handsome.

Now for some Outer Space News

  • 7 stars from Galaxy M86 burn out & eat up 2 planets.
  • Stars of galaxy M31 go on a strike. It remains in darkness for 2 light years.
  • Universal space police identifies Milky Way as a well-kept Galaxy, while on rounds.

Weather report of our Solar System

  • Bright sun, pale moons. An asteroid shower expected.
  • Delay of spaceships & space saucers due to bad weather, is possible.

That’s all in the news today, have a nice day……!

C- U R listening to Radio Universal & we are the Galaxy Gals!!!!!


M- Hello planets, this is Medha welcoming u back 2 Galaxy Gals. Sitting across me is Mr. Halley’s Comet, who is visiting Mr. Sun after 76 years. Hello, Mr. Halley’s Comet.

Mr. Halley’s Comet (HC)- Hello…A good light year to you too, listeners.

M- So, Mr. Halley’s Comet, how does it feel to visit Mr. Sun after 76 years?

HC- It feels very nice. Mr. Sun has always been my home away from home. So I feel I’m back home!

M- That’s great…so what changes did you notice here?

HC- Well, for a start, Mr. Sun has become older, Ms. Earth has become more populated, Mr. Moon has got more black spots than ever & Ms. Saturn Has become all the more beautiful & attractive!

M- Uh-huh, that’s true…we heard your tail has grown longer……?

HC- Yup…& I’m damn happy about it. It seems Mr. Sun was able to melt a larger amount of my ice this time. By the way, do you know that if a comet’s tail grows longer, it becomes hotter & more attractive!

M- Oh…! I hope Ms. Saturn notices the new you! By the way, what have u got 2 say about Radio universal & Galaxy Gals?

HC- I don’t know about Radio Universal, but Galaxy Gals is simply awesome! I mean you ppl are so cool! In fact, now onwards, I’ll make sure that I listen 2 u ppl every light yr.

M- Wow…so we have another fan!

HC- Oh yeah!

M- Mmm…so u r here till how long?

HC- A few more light yrs, I guess.

M- We hope u enjoy urself!

HC- I hope so, too! I think I should go now; I have 2 dine wid Mr. Mercury in some time.

M- Oh ……well, thanks for coming!

HC- You are welcome.

M- Enjoy urself! Se ya!

HC- Yeah…see ya!

M (after a pause)- So that was Mr. Halley’s Comet……time for a song!

C- U R listening to Radio Universal & we are the Galaxy Gals!!!!!


B- Hello planets…welcome back 2 Galaxy Gals. It’s time now for the fashion police 2 strike! We have here in our studio, 2 very fashionable & humorous celebrities; Mr. Big Dipper, the famous constellation who has many names, & Ms. Proxima Centauri, who lives quite near Mr. Sun. They’ll be talking 2 u about fashion, latest trends & much more. Welcome 2 the studio, sir & ma’am.

Proxima Centauri (PC) & Big Dipper (BD)- Thank you, Miss.

PC (Mi)- Hello, listeners, I’m Mr. Sun’s nearest neighbor, remember me?

BD (Sh)- And don’t forget me, I give direction 2 the North Pole!

B- So, Ms. Proxima Centauri & Mr. Big Dipper…

PC- Don’t be so formal…call me Proxima

BD- And me Dippy!

B- Ok…so Proxima & Dippy…what do you have 2 offer 2 our listeners? What would you like 2 start with?

PC- I think we’d like 2 start with a message…just recently, we asked Milky Way Galaxy the secret of it’s pure & glowing stars & the reply was “pure air, no habitation, pure gases & a pure mind.” I think Ms. Earth needs 2 follow that up & do something about her day-by-day worsening state.

BD- That’s right. In fact, v feel that Earth really needs 2 put up an effort becoz Earth & Saturn r the only females here so both have to put forth an e.g. for others 2 follow.

PC- Of course, why do you think everybody likes being around Ms. Saturn in spite of her carrying around 18 moons with her all the time? And we all know that she treats her moons as mirrors.

BD- Ms. Bhavya, have you ever wondered why everything’s attracted to Mr. Jupiter?

B- No…why?

PC- Because Mr. Jupiter is the nearest to Ms. Saturn!

B- U r right…but that’s…well amazing!

BD- Well anyways, I think we gave enough information on Ms. Earth & Ms. Saturn.

PC- That was fashion police attacking Earth. The rest of us are, I think, doing fine.

B- I agree…so what do you have 2 say about the latest trends?

PC- This revolution, the hottest thing is to wear the same clothes all the time

BD- But Ms. Earth & Ms. Saturn never follow it up.

B- How come?

BD- They change clothes everyday!

B- Oh yeah…but, that’s becoz they’re females!!!!!

PC- Smart gal!! U see, Dippy, u can’t fool everybody!

BD- Uh-huh, I just realized that!!!! U r smart, Bhavya!!!!

B- Thanks………anyways, let’s move on…

PC- With what? Nothing else is out of place. (Long pause) Oh gosh!! Dippy, we’re late, we had 2 go & help Ms. Saturn look for her mirror…oops…moons, remember?

BD- Yeah, I completely forgot. Sorry, Bhavya, we have 2 go. I hope u don’t mind.

B- No-no, after all, you have 2 go for a good deed, so I don’t even have the right to mind. Anyways, it was a pleasure having you 2 here. I really enjoyed myself.

PC- So did we. Bye then, see you soon.

B- Bye. (After a pause) so those were our fashion chiefs, Ms. Proxima Centauri & Mr. Big Dipper. It’s time 2 take a short break.

C- U r listening 2 Radio Universal & we are the Galaxy Gals!!!!


S- Welcome back, planets. This is Sakshi & u r listening 2 the Galaxy Gals. We have received news that the Planet’s Orbit Dinner just began a few minutes ago. So, what are you waiting for? Let’s go out there & hear all the gossip………sssssssshhhhhhhhhhh………


Mr. Venus (Ve)- Hello, Mr. Mars.

Mr. Mars (Ma)- Hi, Mr. Venus.

Ve (Sh)- Hello, Mr. Mercury

Mr. Mercury (Me)(B)- (aggressively) hello, my foot.

Ve- Huh…Mr. Mars, why is Mr. Mercury so hotheaded?

Ma (B)- Well…anyone who lives near Mr. Sun all the time would obviously be hotheaded!

Ve- Yeah…I guess u r right! Look, Mr. Jupiter, Mr. Uranus & Mr. Neptune have also come. Hello, Mr.’s.

Mr. Jupiter (Ju)- Oh, hi!

Mr. Neptune (Ne) & Mr. Uranus (Ur)- Hello, Mr. Venus.

Ve- Come in, come in. By the way, where’s Ms. Saturn?

Ju (S)- The poor thing is still looking for her lost moons, she said she’ll be late, as is the case with Ms. Earth, you won’t believe it, her population has increased again!

Ve- Oh dear…anyways, you go ahead.

Ma- So, Ms. Earth will be late!

Ve- Yup, Mr. Mars…sometimes, I feel that she should use a population- control spray.

Ma- Why?

Ve- Because, otherwise, she’ll overflow & her population will fall onto us…

Ma- You are right, Mr. Venus!                       (Running sounds)

Ma- Hey, isn’t that Mr. Pluto? Why’s he in such a hurry?

Ve- I don’t know…hey, Mr. Pluto, what happened?

Mr. Pluto (P)- Ms. Earth is 200 km away so I’m trying 2 go as far away from her as possible.

Ve- But…why?

P (B)- I might catch AIDS!

Ve- Oh, I see…quick then, rotate inside.

Ma- Poor Mr. Pluto, he’s so scared of catching AIDS!

Ve- Should be, anyways, I have a question, why does Ms. Earth spin all the time?

Ma- Well, she has to bear the weight of millions of people, so she gets fainting fits.

Ve- Aaahhhhhh…hey, isn’t that Ms. Earth coming?

Ma- Yeah, oh no, I’ll have to start spinning because the population is coming…I hope they don’t get air & water here………I’m going inside.

Ve- Sure…oh hi Ms. Earth.

Ms. Earth (Et)- Hi, Mr. Venus. Where are the rest?

Ve- Inside.

Et (M)- oh…ok…I’ll join them then…see ya!

Ve- Yeah, see ya, by the way, did you see Ms. Saturn?

Et- Ms. Saturn? I don’t think that she’ll be able 2 make it…she seemed really worried about her moons.

Ve- Well, then let’s go inside together.

Et- Oh sure!


S- Wow, that was something! Poor, Ms. Saturn…the next song is dedicated to the Planets enjoying themselves in the Planets’ Orbit Dinner.


Mi- Hello, planets & welcome back 2 Galaxy Gals, I am Michiko. Sitting next 2 me is Mr. Moon in an interview exclusively for Radio Universal.

Mr. Moon (Mn)- Hey, planets!

Mi- So, Mr. Moon, tell us the reason behind your current status.

Mn (M)- I don’t quite understand u…

Mi- I mean, your current ‘new moon’ status

Mn- Oh…that…what about it?

Mi- Well, we’ve been told that after your monthly ‘full moon’, u gradually become smaller. Why’s that? I mean everybody else wishes 2 become bigger…

Mn- Well, there’s a simple reason behind it. The fact is that the bigger everybody becomes, the more work they have 2 do. So, by becoming smaller, I have 2 do less work & I prefer that because I’m very lazy.

Mi- Oh…we’re on the same track then, because even I’m very lazy. By the way, Mr. Sun commented on your dark circles & said that you should use fair ‘n’ handsome. What do u have 2 say about that?

Mn- Mr. Sun is lucky. He doesn’t get hit by asteroids & dug up upon by astronauts & humans because he uses Anti-human cream, SPF 1000. That produces a lot of energy & makes him too hot 2 handle, it also burns the asteroids.

Mi- So why don’t u use it then?

Mn- Because I prefer 2 be called cool. I don’t like it when somebody calls me hot. It’s embarrassing & since this cream would make me hot, that’s why I don’t use it.

Mi- Oh, I see…Anyways, did u hear today’s weather report?

Mn- No, why?

Mi- They said that an asteroid shower is expected today. Isn’t that bad for you?

Mn- What? An asteroid shower, oh no! I hate those asteroids; they give me so many pimples, dark spots & dark circles. Filthy, useless, little pieces of rock.

Mi- Uh… calm down, Mr. Moon. Have something to drink, please.


Mi- Planets, it seems Mr. Moon is really angry. I think I should take a short break. See u then.

C- U r listening 2 Radio Universal & we are the Galaxy Gals!!!!


M- Welcome back 2 Galaxy Gals. This is Medha again, but without Mr. Halley’s Comet.

B- And I’m Bhavya, but I haven’t got Proxima & Dippy with me.

S- I’m Sakshi, back from a lovely dinner.

Mi- I’m Michiko & I just sent the really angry Mr. Moon back to his orbit.

M- Hey, where’s Shefali?

B- Oh yeah…where’s she?

S- I don’t know…did you see her, Michiko?

Mi- Uh…no.

Sh- Hey gals…why fret? Ur Shefali’s totally fit. Anyways, I’d just got a newsflash that Ms. Saturn has found all her moons.

M, B, S & Mi- Phew…finally.

Sh- She wanted 2 sing a song for them, so I brought her with me.

M, B, S & Mi- Cool!

S- Where’s she?

Sh- Right here, come in Ms. Saturn.

Ms. Saturn (Sn)- Hi, gals.

Galaxy Gals- Hi, Ms. Saturn.

Sn (M)- Hello, planets. I’m so happy 2 find my lovely moons back, so I’m going to sing a song dedicated to them.

****SONG: “Forever”****

B- Wow, that was so good, it brought tears 2 my eyes.

M- Absolutely!

Mi- Thank u, Ms. Saturn.

Sn- oh, it was a pleasure. In fact, I should thank u & your wonderful show. Anyways, I have 2 go. See u later, gals.

Sh- Yeah…Bye, Ms. Saturn.

Sn- Bye, dears.

B- Whoops……gals?

M, Mi, Sh&S- Yeah?

B- Our time has got over, we have 2 go back.

M, Mi, Sh&S- Oh no!!!

M- Bye-bye planets

Mi- It’s time 2 go

Sh- But, don’t worry, we’ll come back.

S- Same time, same place, till then…

Galaxy Gals- BYE!!! HAVE A GOOD DAY!!!

C-The Galaxy Gals………only on Radio Universal.