some new posts, some old relationships.

As promised, I uploaded Part 2, of the work I did prior to joining college, today; albeit after a 3-day hiatus…kindly excuse my laziness! 😉

A lot of things happened in the past few days, such as me finally meeting my best friend after around 4.5 months!

I also met an old School friend of mine. Although we’d fallen apart in School and then, reconnected on Facebook (it’s pretty useful that ways!) in the past few months, it didn’t feel any different!

In fact, if it weren’t for the two us having grown maturer and less serious about School tiffs, we might as well have been sitting in School & chatting in our classroom!

I think experiences like these make you truly realize the beauty of certain relationships, because even though they change over time, there are always some parts that remain oblivious to any kind of transience!

And with so much change happening around ourselves all the time, such relationships, however brief, keep us rooted to our true selves!

Isn’t it?

Cheers to that!