I was requested, by one of my favourite teachers, to write something for the School Magazine. At the time, I was very busy with my Studies and hence, perpetually frustrated with our Education System. So, this is what I came up with…


Let’s not cry at coming second & not first.

Let’s not disapprove of academic failures, with our lips pursed.

Let’s not follow Boman Irani’s words in ‘3 Idiots’ that “life is a race, if you go fast, you’ll be like a broken ‘andaa’, in a cuckoo’s nest. “

For a change, let’s learn to mend the ‘andaa’ & provide it with a new nest.

Let’s stop trying to be the only best.

Let’s not fight for 0.25 marks anymore,

Let’s not forget that till infinity we can soar.

Let’s grow up!


Let’s not limit our intelligence only till bookish knowledge,

Let’s not leave our creativity to rot in the ditch.

Let’s not allow marks to measure our happiness,

Let’s not take the importance of values to be any less.

Let’s stop being so brutal & as hard-hearted as coal,

Let’s prevent students from killing their mind, body, spirit & soul.

Winning the rat race won’t make us any kinder,

Let’s stop being blind followers & let’s become a finder.

Let’s remember every human is equal, even that “dunce”,

Let’s pledge to be humane for once.

Let’s grow up!


Let’s stop buzzing all the time like a busy bee,

Let’s learn to value friends & family.

Let’s begin to live (& enjoy!) every second & every moment,

Let’s be the first to start such a movement.

Let’s start respecting our planet,

Let’s try to make our goodness more permanent.

Let’s fight to eradicate from the world, all it’s sorrow,

Let’s pledge to bring in a better tomorrow.

Let’s learn to care, share & give.

Let’s just simply learn to live.

Let’s……oh, do let’s finally grow up.