“the legend of no man’s land”

This isn’t exactly one of my best works, but it was fun to do and sticking to the rhyme scheme made it quite challenging!


The trio had been walking on the deserted road,

For two days & three nights,

Sweating profusely under their heavy load.

For miles around, there was not a soul in sight.

All they had for company were barren hills, endless sands

And the constantly fading light.

To find the road to `No Man’s land’,

Such had been their quest,

And their goal, to find the gold hand.

But now, it all seemed like a dirty jest,

And with all their hopes shattered,

They expected only failure, at best.

But suddenly, their fates shifted.

A brilliant light flashed, a voice boomed,

“Oh, winners of the gold hand, stop! For you have been gifted.”


“Between three gifts, you each must choose

One, but before the hour of dawn strikes!

For after that everything, you would certainly loose.”


“The first gift is the power to rule,

The second that of unconditional love.

Attainment of enough wealth to fill 200 pools,”


“Is the third. But hurry, be quick

& choose, so that you may return home victorious.

Watch all your dreams come true, with a click.”

The first man chose for himself the power to rule,

Saying, “With power comes wealth,

And love is for fools.”

The second man chose enormous wealth,

Saying, “I once loved a girl & was left heartbroken,

& too much power is bad for health.”

But, the third was the wisest & so he

Chose love, saying, “Power is useless

If the ruler is not loved by his people, don’t you see?”


“And what will I do, even if into a pool of wealth, I get a dip,

If I have no loved one to share it with.

Hence, love is the greatest treasure, & that sirs, is my tip.”

“You have chosen wisely, oh, blessed human!

For this was nothing more than a test

To find the one with the courage to confront his own demon!”


“Love you shall receive, while these two can go back

For the Gold hand is nothing but lord’s loving blessings.”

And so, love & happiness from him, no one could hack.

“Thus the legend found it’s hero

& now, you must go to bed,” said grandpa to the kids,

“Or in tomorrow’s test, you’ll get a big, fat zero!”