home is where the heart is

It’s been less than a week since I’ve been at home and I already feel like I’d never left!

Although there is and always will be a part of me that is Bangalorean to the core, Delhi is where I truly belong and this week has been all about rediscovering that feeling of belonging!

Which is what today’s post is about…I just had to write about the myriad of emotions that I’ve been feeling these past few days…

Home has a beautifully effortless way of making feel one feel immediately connected to it, even if one happens to revisit after days, months or even years. From the moment one arrives till the time one leaves, one’s enveloped in a constantly warm blanket of love, care and the occasional but very much missed scoldings! And of course, there is always that one family member that each one of us connects to the most; in my case, it’s my mom! I just cannot go without endlessly talking to her every single day, she has to be informed about each and every incident of my life, however significant or non-significant it maybe…that’s the beauty of such a relationship, I guess!

And then there is the inevitable socializing that one absolutely has to do; meeting friends, or trying to since they’re somehow always busy with their exams and studies, is always top of the agenda, as is eating homemade food and yummy goodies made by my mom!

And on that note, I shall take my leave and go off to badger my mom once again! 🙂

If you have any such homecoming stories to share, do share!



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