a long, long absence

I awoke with a start…the bus window was covered with freshly shed rain droplets, each silently creating its own path as it traveled down the window. The bus, owing to the narrow hill roads, was moving slowly, giving me time to take in the stunning after stunning landscapes…I saw the meadow, an endless expanse of freshly-green grass rolling down the hill, dotted by the occasional tree. And near the road, at the edge of the meadow stood two beautiful horses. It was like a scene straight out of a Victorian-era novel, which is all I could come up with before drifting off to sleep again…

Lush green forests completely covered the picturesque mountains of Ooty, the grey-ish storm clouds threatening to burst at any moment as constant cool winds blew across the quaint, sleepy little town…it was as if we’d traveled back in time to the British era!

And that was why I was absent from my blog for so long…I think I still am in that sleepy, serene mode, which is probably why even my current post sounds so different!

But I must add that my vacation was fantastic, even though I was down with a terrible cold throughout! I wanted to capture the beauty of the same and tried to do so through the few pictures I took, which I’ve already put up. Do see them!

And now that I’m back home, after a hiatus of four months, I will probably be able to blog less erratically hereafter!

Cheers to that!


2 thoughts on “a long, long absence

  1. Thanks for sharing…as always i loved the description of what you experienced….i could walk through it 🙂 this was a wohoooo to the rest of your vacation, i’m sure! have fun!

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